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Creativity is the new literacy

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What is Edify?

Our ancestors used cave walls, our parents used paper, we use Edify!

  • Edify is an arsenal of digital tools revolutionizing the entire educational industry.

  • For the student, it’s the swiss army knife of creativity. If you can imagine it, you can make it.

  • For the teacher, it’s much more than a means to make awesome educational content. It’s the ultimate classroom management tool.

Why Edify?

To reduce the serious creativity gap in society!

  • To solve the problems of tomorrow, we need a creative generation with critical thinking skills.

  • Right now, we have a generation that cannot even tackle day to day life problems.

  • With Edify, children become creative wizards and teachers their super heroes!

P.S With 200,000 teachers and students onboard, Animaker was already gearing up the education industry for evolution. With Edify, it’s going to be a revolution!